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  • What do I need to bring on my first visit?
    It’s best to bring a current insurance card (if billing health insurance) and any prior imaging or lab work that you would like our doctors to review.
  • How long will it take?
    We schedule 45 minutes in the room with the doctor for each new patient. We’ll ask that you show up 10-15 minutes prior to your first visit to fill out paperwork. If you would prefer to fill out your paperwork prior to your visit and show up at your appointment time, click here for printable forms. Subsequent visits are usually scheduled for 15 minutes with the doctor.
  • What should I wear?
    Athletic clothes are preferred. Something you can move comfortably in. Although dresses and skirts can be worked around, they are not recommended.
  • What happens during the first visit?
    After paperwork is finished, you will be escorted to a private treatment room. The doctor will review your relevant health history, chiropractic experience & preferences, perform brief neurological and orthopedic exams, provide a diagnosis, then proceed with adjustment and stretching if needed. Afterward, recommended therapeutic modalities will then be performed by one of our doctor’s assistants in our therapy bay. You’ll often be provided with home recommendations and exercises to maintain your progress. Subsequent visits do not generally call for history review, chiropractic experience review, nor exams & diagnosis. After the initial trip to our office, your visits should consist of adjustment, soft tissue work, and any necessary therapies.
  • Can I bring someone with me?
    Please do. We can accommodate three people in our treatment rooms. Our doctors encourage new patients to bring a friend or family member. An extra pair of ears is always useful when you return home and may have forgotten or misunderstood something.
  • Do you take X-rays?
    No. If the doctor feels like imaging is necessary, we work with Health Images Longmont. Our doctors can directly order imaging studies at their facility from our office. Your visit at Health Images is generally brief and you’ll leave with a copy of your images on a disc. The studies will then be reviewed by a medical radiologist, a chiropractic radiologist, and our team. We will then schedule a complimentary appointment to review the actual images so you have a clear understanding of the findings.
  • Do you use the Y-strap or other tool I've seen on TikTok/Youtube?
    Absolutely not! Some of those people are doing very sensational things that put their patients in harm's way.
  • Do you adjust babies?
    Technically, no. We do treat patients of every age including newborns. However, babies do not have fully developed joints yet so they should not be manipulated as an adult would. We use gentle mobilizations with a single finger and very light muscle work to address traumas from the birthing process or other childhood trauma. It is very rare that a baby would require anything more than that. If so, it's probably an issue for a different kind of doctor. We're always glad to take a look but we are super conservative with the treatment of children and quick to refer them to the right practitioner if their condition is out of our scope of practice.
  • Do you participate in Worker's Compensation cases?
    No. We have opted out of all Work-Comp. We can certainly recommended a suitable clinic that does participate. Just give us a call.
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