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New patients

Whether you are new to chiropractic or just looking for a new chiropractor or second opinion, Longmont Joint & Spine would be happy to accommodate your situation.

First Timers

We truly look forward to being the first chiropractic experience for newcomers to the profession. Dr. Walker, Dr. Guzik, and Dr. Courtney will be sure to take extra time to address any questions, concerns, or hesitations you may have prior to your first treatment. Our doctors use the initial visit as a chance to introduce you to many treatment and technique options and allow you to choose your most comfortable course. The entire staff takes great pride in providing an exceptional first experience with chiropractic.

Seeking Second Opinion/New Chiropractor

Those seeking a second opinion of a previously diagnosed condition or just looking for a new chiropractor are encouraged to give us a call. We offer complimentary x-ray/MRI/CT review as part of your initial visit. Our doctors are more than happy to review your case, perform a brief examination, and lay out all of your treatment options whether they are offered at our clinic or by another practitioner. There IS a reason you feel the way you do. We believe it’s all about finding the most qualified person to find the answer. Hopefully our doctors are that person, but that’s realistically not always true. In that case, they will provide you referrals to the appropriate specialists and co-manage your case if needed.

As Colorado continues to grow, our clinic has seen a large number of patients coming from out of town, looking to continue chiropractic care in Longmont. Our team will make it a priority to ask the appropriate questions to ensure that your treatment is similar to what you were previously receiving. Our doctors make a point to ask every new patient if they have preferences about their treatment during the initial consultation. If you are new to Longmont, check us out. We always love welcoming a new face to our beautiful city!

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