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Rehabilitation/sport-specific care

Whether you're training for a race or event, recovering from surgery, or just looking to feel more stable, we have you covered. With a blend of in-office treatment and at-home protocols, we're confident we can help you achieve your goals as efficiently as possible. 

Our passion for sports

We were founded with athletes in mind. Our doctors and entire staff all have athletics in their background. Dr. Walker and Dr. Guzik both grew up playing competitive ice hockey. Dr. Walker wrote his college thesis on pitching mechanics and preventing elbow injury in baseball pitchers and gives lectures on the topic. Dr. Courtney has collegiate rowing experience and has recently earned her C.C.S.P. credentials as a certified sports physician. To say the least, we understand the importance of movement and body maintenance when it comes to competition. Using research-proven methods of assessing movement patterns and treating injuries, our team is prepared to help optimize your performance at whatever level you currently compete. At Longmont Joint & Spine we have had the pleasure of treating athletes from all ages and walks of life. We see the spectrum from NFL players and Olympic runners to rec league softball players and casual golfers. We love it all. 

We have treated and trained athletes from the following sports: baseball, golf, hockey, basketball, soccer, weightlifting, endurance events/Ironman, rodeo, track and field, archery, fencing, skiing, snowboarding, swimming and diving, rugby, cheerleading, lacrosse, and even competitive skydiving! Whatever you're in to, we've probably seen it before.  

Our doctors are available for team sports consultations and lectures as well. Whether your team needs training advice or a team doctor, we'd love to talk. Email 

with any inquiries.

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