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Sometimes standing on an uneven or unstable base can create problems way "up the chain." As footwear quality has decreased and more people have become "flat-footed," we've seen an emergence of conditions like plantar fasciitis, "runner's knee," and hip bursitis. A simple orthotic made specifically for your foot can often times provide major relief or resolution. 

Why custom orthotics?

Foot, ankle, and knee conditions are among the most common. Most of us have sprained an ankle or know someone who has had a knee surgery. There are many factors that make our lower extremities vulnerable to such injuries but improper foot structure may be the easiest to treat. We know that a fallen arch or improper gait can create an upward cascade of symptoms as far as the mid-to-lower back. A quick 5-minute exam and brief casting of your foot can help us understand how these issues affect you and your performance. Dr. Walker has been specializing in custom orthotics for over a decade and has seen unanimously great results. It's one of our favorite services to offer because it's often a game-changer for our patients. If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment to discuss orthotics, give us a call at

303-835-7882 or email Dr. Walker directly at


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